Blockette Pear Diamond Ring by Jennifer Dawes Design


Let’s begin with a clear vision of who you are and what you want. I want to communicate with you and understand what’s most important to you. If you succeed I succeed.

What we do

Do you want to learn about the growing trends in social media? Need a little help with content development, like editorial and product photography? Curious about working with an influencer? Need a few tweaks to your website or SEO? Maybe you want a full over haul; new branding and website? I can help you learn to handle things yourself or I can do it for you.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Audra. I began in the jewelry industry right around the same time the internet began taking over our lives. Social media and I grew up together. I love being the voice of a business, creating new connections, new fans, new clients, new customers. It isn’t about followers and sales as much as it is about creating relationships and helping people…followers and sales are an added bonus. I’ll help you do it by finding your genuine voice.

Photographer: Alexandra Malek
Audra Glyn Smith founder VVS Media – Photographer: Alexandra Malek


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