Very Very Social Media

Social media is constantly changing, evolving, merging into our lives. The concept of social media marketing can be overwhelming. Who has the time to pay attention to the ever-evolving platforms and always-changing algorithms? What does all of this mean anyway?

I take care of your social media so you can get back to business. Specializing in luxury brands, like jewelry, I create original content by taking high quality images of your work on location or in my studio. I will introduce to you the fundamentals of the social platforms, help you identify your target market, and create a clear picture of how to reach out to consumers. All it takes is a conversation. Ready to chat?  

As of January 2017, Facebook has 1.78 billion users. YouTube has 1 billion, Instagram has 500 million, you get the picture. New platforms are emerging all the time. These users are growing every day and becoming more media-savvy than ever before. Paying for ad space to stuff users’ feeds with endless advertising is becoming less valuable, unless it’s ultra targeted. Want to build trust worthy relationships with users and have conversations directly with them? I can help with that.

Are you ready?

We will do it with integrity and joy. We will do it by being very, very social. It starts with a conversation.
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